How to download MIUI firmware via MiFlashPro

The new firmware on the smartphone updates the interface and opens up more possibilities for the user. With its help we can solve all kinds of problems with the software, which Xiaomi owners encounter quite often. Today we will look at the sequence of how to download MIUI firmware through MiFlashPro – one of the most popular utilities of the 21st century.

What is MiFlashPro

MiFlash program is not in vain widespread among users of Xiaomi devices. It is the official software from the manufacturer. With the help of this utility in a few clicks, you can roll back the firmware to a previous version or install the latest one, available for a particular phone model.

Among other things, the Xiaomi phone firmware program is able to restore the gadget that was damaged after a failed update or other user actions. In general, it acts as a reliable and safe tool for working with smartphone software.

Learn more about the purpose of the program and its features in our article.

Available tabs

After launching the application, the user is presented with several tabs. The most important among them are:

  1. SP Flash. A separate tab for MTK-based smartphones. It can be used to reflash both old and new models of devices.
  2. Mi Flash. A special section for working with gadgets on the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. Here you can install the new shell in Fastboot or EDL mode.
  3. Manage devices. A simple device manager allows you to view the available connections.
  4. ROM packages. The most important tab in the program offers the variants of MIUI flash files for Fastboot and Recovery. Here you can find not only Russian, but also global, European and Indian versions.
  5. History. In the final tab we can view all the performed actions, including the date, time, reflash type.

Selecting and downloading MIUI firmware

Скачать MiFlashPro

Finally, let’s get to the answer to the most critical question. You can download the full MIUI firmware from the ROM packages tab. You don’t have to do too much for this. After opening the corresponding section in the program, enter the name of your gadget into the search engine and click “Refurbish”.

After these steps, the user will see in front of him:

  • device name;
  • firmware version;
  • Android version;
  • update installation method (the program offers MIUI firmware for Recovery and Fastboot).

After selecting the appropriate file according to the listed items, you must highlight it and click “Download”. Then, to control the downloading process, go to the next section, “Downloading” (located in the center).

The next step is to exit the Mi-Flash Pro program to create a folder on your system drive and move the downloaded firmware there. And after that, you can safely start updating your device.


How do I know the path where the downloaded firmware file is located?

This information is contained in the same “ROM Packages” tab under “Setting” (the gear icon in the upper corner).

Best way to download the firmware for Xiaomi: through the official website or MiFlashPro?

Both methods are safe and effective for the user and his mobile device. But it is worth noting that finding the correct file on the developer’s site takes much more time than downloading it through the application. Therefore, owners of Xiaomi gadgets can safely give preference to the utility.

Is it possible to download the firmware from a third-party site and install it using the program?

Yes, such actions are allowed for every user. But it is important to remember that the downloaded files can be viral, so it is recommended to check them before reflashing the device.


Mi Flash Pro is an excellent utility that makes it easy for any user. Thanks to it, you don’t need to waste time searching for the necessary, updated files on the Internet. Instead, you need to go to the corresponding tab and select the appropriate firmware from the list of available ones. And its installation is done in a few simple clicks.