How to flash Xiaomi with MediaTek processor via SP Flash

Upgrading your own smartphone is the desire of every modern user. Reprogramming the system opens new frontiers, because with it interesting features appear, and the device itself starts to work noticeably better. In this article we will consider in detail how to flash Xiaomi with MediaTek processor through SP Flash. Of course, there are a lot of nuances, but it is possible to solve all problems if you listen to the advice of our experts.

Why use SP Flash?

SP Flash Tool is the best “flashing tool” for new generation smartphones. It is designed specifically for devices with a MediaTek processor, which is not so easy for unknown users.

SP Flash is freely available. You can download the utility from the Internet for free. In addition, the firmware itself, which can be installed with its help, is easy to find on various forums.

Speaking of how to use the application, it is worth noting the accessibility for each user. Even neophytes will be able to understand the available functions, although the interface here is only in English. And even if some moments will not be clear, it is worth to refer to our instruction and perform all actions in the clearly described sequence. After that you will not have any problems and the result will surely please you.

Preparing to flash

Since flashing via SP Flash is a serious procedure, you should prepare for it in advance. To do this, the user will have to perform the following actions:

  1. Download the utility to your computer.
  2. Disable the driver check.
  3. Charge the mobile device to its maximum.

Installing drivers

The second point of the above list requires special attention. Immediately before reflashing the device, you should disable the check for installed drivers. Otherwise, there is a risk that the computer will simply not recognize the smartphone.

Owners of Windows 7 PCs need to go the following way:

  1. Restart the computer and press the F8 key several times (right after BIOS boot).

On some PCs, you have to press F10, F12, or Esc to get to the corresponding menu.

  1. Find “Disable driver signature enforcement” and activate it.

As for computers with Windows 8 and higher, the instructions are as follows:

  1. Call the Run menu (Win+R).
  2. Write gpedit.msc and press Enter on your keyboard.
  3. Open “User Configuration”, and then go to “Administrative Templates”.
  4. Find “System” and select “Driver Installation”.
  5. Right-click on “Digital Signature” and select “Change”.
  6. Activate the “Disabled” option.
  7. Confirm the changes made and restart the PC.

Next, the user will need to download the universal drivers, create a folder named “Android” on the C drive and move them there. After that, you need to install the drivers through Device Manager.

When installing the drivers, your smartphone must be connected to your computer.

Instructions for flashing Xiaomi with MTK processor

Some users do not need instructions for working with SP Flash Tool. However, even experienced Xiaomi gadget owners may well have problems. That’s why we recommend sticking to the experts’ recommendations and performing the actions in the following sequence:

  1. Download the file with the appropriate firmware to your computer.
  2. Unpack the archive to the previously created folder “Android”.
  3. Send the contents of the SP Flash Tool archive there as well.
  4. Move the file “MT6795_Android_scatter.txt” from the folder “images” to the folder “signed_bin”.

The next step is to install the drivers. It is done in this way:

  1. Start the program and go to “Download”.
  2. In the “Download-Agent” field enter the file “DA_SWSEC.bin”.
  3. On the “Scatter-loading” line specify the corresponding item in the folder with the new firmware.
  4. In the column “LOCATION” mark the other files, if they are not added automatically.
  5. Disable the item “userdata” to save the user data.
  6. Switch to “Download only” mode.
  7. Activate the items “USB Checksum” and “Storage Checksum”.
  8. Click on “Download.

The next step is to flash the Xiaomi phone through the SP Flash Tool. Updates are installed as follows:

  • Disconnect the smartphone and connect it to the PC via USB.
  • Wait for the flashing process to complete.
  • Disconnect the phone from the PC.

A green circle icon with a check mark will alert you to the successful completion of the procedure.

After that, the smartphone should reboot on its own. But even if this does not happen, you should not panic. It is allowed to do it yourself – the result will not change. And after switching on, the user will be able to work with already new features and improved interface.


Where is the best place to download SP Flash?

The safest way is the official website of the developer. Here users can access several versions of the program for both Windows and Linux.

Why does my smartphone take a long time to turn on after flashing?

The first startup after an update takes about 10 minutes. This is due to the installation of new parameters, which take time for the system to recognize.


Flashing Xiaomi with MTK is not the easiest procedure. It is not recommended to put custom firmware on this type of processor, but if you perform the update correctly, the result will pleasantly surprise any user. Adhering to our instructions, the smartphone in any case will not turn into a “brick”, and only get all the improvements the owner needs and will work faster.