MiFlashPro bugs and problems

Mi Flash and SP Flash are components of a single MiFlashPro program. If you want, you can download them separately, but users prefer a functional utility that combines several elements in most cases. Mi Flash and SP Flash are designed to install custom firmware on Xiaomi smartphones and troubleshoot, for example, infinite loading, etc. However, despite the many apparent advantages of the software, users often complain about errors and problems MiFlashPro has to deal with during work. Therefore, we will devote the article to considering the possible causes of the issues and the solution to specific mistakes.

Causes of errors

Malfunctions in any software do not occur anywhere. Their occurrence is necessarily preceded by some action or inaction of the user. For example, the most common causes of errors in Mi Flash and SP Flash are the following:

  1. Lack of drivers. Each application requires special drivers – without them, the software will not be able to function in any way. As a rule, they are installed automatically after downloading the program and connecting the smartphone to the PC. However, if this does not happen, the user will have to install the drivers himself.
  2. Mi-account malfunction. A user account on the Xiaomi smartphone is needed not only to store data and lock login. It is also needed to work with applications that make changes to the device software. Therefore, it is imperative to log in to the account before starting work.
  3. Lack of program updates. On MiFlashPro, as well as on any other utility, there are regular updates that need to be installed at least for the correct operation of the software. Because of this, experts strongly recommend downloading the latest version of the application from the Internet and work only with it.
  4. Incorrectly selected firmware. Users are often confused, downloading to the PC firmware that does not match the model of the smartphone. When searching for even custom firmware, you should definitely pay attention to the list of gadgets for which it is designed. In addition, it is important to pay attention to the archive extension – it must be of the format .tgz. At the same time you should pay attention to the Russian letters in the file or folder name – they must not be present at all.
  5. Connection to the PC via USB 3.0. For the correct operation of the application itself and all the devices involved, it is best to use the connector version 2.0, as well as the original cable that comes with your smartphone.

Mi Flash error solution

First, let’s look at the possible problems when updating the firmware through Mi Flash. There are quite a few of them here, but it allows each reader to find a particular error that he encountered.

Error: An object reference is not specified in the object instance.
Solution: It is necessary to make sure that the devices are connected correctly and that the cable and connectors are intact. You should also check the name of the folder and file saving path - there should be no Russian letters and unnecessary symbols.
Error: Cannot Receive Hello Packet MiFlash.
Solution: This error indicates that the socket where the USB cord is plugged in is damaged, or that you are using a 3.0-accelerated cable. In this case, it is advisable to change the socket or switch to a branded Xiaomi cable.
Error: 0x80004005.
Solution: The cause here is a non-activated version of Windows. In this case, you need to fix the problem on the computer itself by updating the system by entering the appropriate activation key.
Error: Unidentified error 0xffffffffffffff.
Solution: "0xffffffffffffff" indicates an invalid file selection or a problem in loading the firmware item. The user needs to specify the correct path and check the components of the file.
Error: 0x80070002.
Solution: The error is interpreted as a missing file. To fix it, the user needs to re-download the archive with the update or find the required item on the PC and click the download button. If the problem repeats a second time, you should reinstall the folder with the utility.
Error: 0x8007007b.
Solution: The inscription signals Cyrilicc letters in the element names. It is necessary to rename all files in Latin characters. In addition, it is important to check the location of the firmware items - they must all be on the system drive.
Error: 0x8007007b.
Solution: The inscription signals Russian letters in the element names. It is necessary to rename all files in Latin characters. In addition, it is important to check the location of the firmware items - they must all be on the system drive.
Error: Mismatching image and device.
Solution: This message indicates that the downloaded firmware does not match your smartphone. You will need to download the correct file again.
Error: 0x8007000e.
Solution: Since there is not enough memory on your PC to complete the operation, you need to find another device with more RAM. Another option is to install an update to the gadget via TWRP Recovery software.
Error: Failed Remote: Partition Flashing Is Not Allowed.
Solution: This message indicates a locked bootloader. The user will need to flash his device using EDL mode or by activating the bootloader.
Error: Flash TZ error.
Solution: Choose the Global ROM version instead of the Chinese firmware, and check the bootloader - it must be unlocked.
Error: Image mismatch and device error.
Solution: Disconnect the smartphone from the PC and connect it again, but only via USB version 2.0. At the same time it is worth remembering that the first thing to do is to put the mobile gadget into Fastbut mode, and only after that synchronize with your PC/laptop.
Error: The length cannot be less than zero.
Solution: Deactivate the drivers digital signature and then plug the cable into the USB 2.0 port.
Error: 0x80004005 FAILED.
Solution: The error code indicates that the shell version does not match the smartphone model. The only way to solve the problem is to download a suitable update.
Error: Can not found file flash_all_lock.bat.
Solution: Make sure that the archive is fully unpacked and all the necessary files are located on the system disk.
Error: Flash crclist error.
Solution: The problem in this case lies in incorrect unpacking of the archive. The user will need to choose another archiver and move the files needed for the update to a folder with a short name. The best way to do this is to use the free 7-Zip.
Error: Ping target via firehose.
Solution: Not the most common error is solved by universal ways - reinstalling the utility or reloading the firmware. There are no specific solutions to this problem.
Error: The specified conversion is invalid.
Solution: You need to download a previous version of the firmware utility and update your smartphone system with it.
Error: Can not find file flash_all.bat.
Solution: Due to the lack of a flash_all.bat file in your computer's memory, you will need to go to the MiFlash utility settings, select Advanced and specify xxx.bat.
Error: Unhandled exception in the application.
Solution: Due to improper driver installation, you will need to uninstall the update application and then re-download all necessary files. If this solution does not help, it is recommended that you roll back the MiFlash version.
Error: ACK count don't match.
Solution: It is necessary to download the archive with the firmware corresponding to the device model. Besides, it's worth checking its content - there should be no unnecessary folders like "META-INF" inside. Only folder "images" is allowed here, as well as constituent elements in .bat format.
Error: 0x800700aa.
Solution: The error is deciphered as "The required resource is busy". In this case, only universal methods will help - reinstalling the application or re-downloading the firmware.
Error: Couldn't find flash script.
Solution: Specify in the path the correct folder with the firmware, i.e. "images".
Error: Flash xbl error.
Solution: First of all, you should resort to universal ways to solve the problem, namely reinstalling a more current version of the program or downloading the appropriate firmware. Additionally, it is recommended to check the bootloader - it must be unlocked, the shell version and the correctness of unpacking the archive.
Error: Flash Partition Error.
Solution: The most important thing in this situation is to unlock the bootloader. In addition, remember that when flashing you do not need to put the "Clean all and lock" option into active mode. 
Error: Can not read from port com.
Solution: Quite a common error is solved in a simple way - you need to plug the mobile gadget into a USB version 2.0 socket. If this does not make the problem disappear and the message appears on the screen again, it is recommended to short-circuit the TestPoint pins.
Error: You are not authorized to download Mi Flash.
Solution: Authorize in the system, as this message indicates that the user does not have an Mi Flash account.

Resolving SP Flash errors

The number of errors that occur in SP Flash is also significant. But every problem has a solution, and our troubleshooting options have been repeatedly tested by professionals and users alike.

Error: 1002 or 0x3EA S INVALID ARGUMENTS
Solution: It is necessary to activate Preloader and DSP BL elements, because without them the scatter-file is considered incorrect.
Error: 3001 or 0xBB9 S DA EXT RAM ERROR
Solution: The problem lies in a problematic connection between the mobile gadget and the computer. In this case you need to check if the USB cable is working properly or reconnect it to another socket.
Solution: There are two ways to fix the problem, as well as the causes: replacing the firmware with a smaller file or upgrading to a more stable version.
Error: 1012 or 0x3F4 S NOT ENOUGH MEMORY
Solution: It is necessary to change the version of the firmware application, because this error occurs due to an incorrect update of the utility itself.
Error: 1040 or 0x410 S UNSUPPORTED OPERATION
Solution: The system update file does not match the smartphone, so you need to download the appropriate firmware and repeat the procedure again.
Error: 1041 or 0x411 CHS ERR
Solution: The user will need to perform a series of actions by going as follows: "Help"-"Open Logs Folder"-delete all the logs. The next step is to open the folder with the firmware, find there the element named "Checksum.ini" and delete it. The final step is to flash the smartphone by "Format+Download".
Error: The application could not start because it is not properly configured. Re-installing the application may solve this problem.
Solution: First of all you need to download Microsoft Visual C++ 2005-2008-2010-2012-2013-2017 Redistributable Package to your computer. At the same time it is necessary to make sure that the flashing tool is launched correctly - this process should be performed through the root of the disk on the PC, not from the archive.
Error: 2004 or 0x7D4 S BROM DOWNLOAD DA FAIL
Solution: There are a number of different causes of the error and there are several possible solutions. The first way is to reinstall the utility so that the name of the new version contains the "SEC" designation. The second option is to get rid of unnecessary drivers on your PC through the program USBDeview. The third method is to connect the gadget with the volume buttons on the side pressed at the same time. The fourth method - quickly close the window with the error and click "Download" again.
Error: 2020 or 0x7E4 S BROM CHKSUM16 MEM RESULT DIFF
Solution: The sequence of actions will be as follows: settings of the program for flashing - activation of the item indicating the operation of Android without battery - connection of the "testpoint" with battery - connection of the smartphone with one pressed volume key - release the button after the computer detects the gadget and start the flashing process.
Error: 2035 or 0x7F3 S BROM CMD JUMP DA FAIL
Solution: You need to click "Download" by connecting the smartphone to the computer with the volume buttons ("+" and "-") pressed at the same time when the smartphone is turned off.
Error: 1013 or 0x3F5 S COM PORT OPEN FAIL
Solution: The reason is the wrong version of FlashTool, so you will need to change it. In addition, when this error occurs, it is recommended to reflash the system with the gadget battery disconnected.
Error: 3012 or 0xBC4 NAND FLASH NOT FOUND
Solution: The error is directly related to the smartphone memory detection. It can be corrected by changing the firmware version or replacing the PC, because the problem is also caused by a mismatch between the utility and the computer.
Solution: The outdated firmware version must be updated to the current version.
Error: 3013 or 0xBC5 S DS SOC CHECK FAIL
Solution: In this case the Uboot operating system boot loader plays a special role. This item must necessarily be marked in the firmware updater - it's up to the user to keep an eye on it. Also the error can appear when the folders are named incorrectly - if there are Cyrillic letters in the name, it is necessary to replace these elements with Latin letters.
Error: 1022 or 0x3FE S UNSUPPORTED VER OF DA
Solution: You will need to update the firmware version of your smartphone. This method is universal, but the effect is really there.
Solution: Only rolling back the firmware version to an older version will help. So, if the fifth version is installed, it will be enough to roll it back to the third version.
Solution: The error occurs in case of automatic formatting, so it is better to perform this process manually by checking the appropriate items in the software settings.
Error: 3144 or 0xC48 S DA EMMC FLASH NOT FOUND
Solution: You need to replace the scatter-file with the one corresponding to your smartphone or use a computer with a different operating system and re-installed drivers.
Error: 1003 or 0x3EB S COM PORT OPEN FAIL
Solution: Since the cause is a USB port, you will need to activate the com ports if using BIOS, change the cable or connect it through a different connector in the system unit.
Error: 4058 or 0xFDA S FT GET MEMORY FAIL
Solution: The error is directly related to the flash memory. There are two ways to help in this case - to warm up the chip (you will need to use a soldering iron working at a rather high temperature - 400 degrees) or to replace this element from the donor board.
Error: 3149 or 0xC4D S DA SDMMC WRITE FAILED
Solution: Update the SP Flash program and reinstall the drivers.


MiFlashPro and its components, Mi Flash and SP Flash, benefit modern smartphone owners. However, unfortunately, there are problems even when working with these elements. There are many reasons for this, but troubleshooting is quite possible without much experience in using mobile gadgets. Our article lists all the potential errors in Mi Flash and SP Flash and their solutions. Once you find your problem on the list, you’ll need just a few minutes to perform the actions described by our experts and deal with it.