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Mi Flash Pro version list

All existing versions of MiFlashPro can be downloaded from the links below. We recommend that you install the latest version. In addition, some versions have slight differences in the interface.

Mi Flash Pro drivers

The usual process of reflashing any Android device involves a computer. On many models, you can manage without additional software, but in any case, to flash Xiaomi you need drivers on the PC.

Installing Mi Flash Pro on a PC

Now we will tell you how to install MiFlashPro on your computer and you will learn all the nuances concerning this process. Let’s understand more about the drivers and prepare for the flashing of the Xiaomi mobile device.

Mi Flash firmware

The new firmware on the smartphone updates the interface and opens up more possibilities for the user. With its help, it is possible to solve all kinds of problems with the software, which are encountered by Xiaomi owners quite often.

Resolving errors in Mi Flash Pro

Despite a lot of obvious advantages of the program, users often complain about errors and problems of MiFlashPro, which they have to face during work. It is them that we are going to focus our article on.

Firmware Qualcomm processors

In this article, we’ll take a detailed look at all issues related to Xiaomi Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU firmware. You will learn why it’s important to use the right drivers and firmware files.

Firmware MTK processors

We will consider in detail how to flash Xiaomi with MediaTek processor via SP Flash. Of course, there are a lot of nuances, but it is possible to solve all problems if you listen to the advice of our experts.

Flashing Xiaomi via Recovery

A detailed breakdown of Xiaomi flashing in Recovery mode and downloading archive via MiFlashPro. This option of updating the gadget is considered one of the most common and safe.

Flashing without unlocking

Smartphone system update most users put in the first place, trying to bypass the manufacturer’s restrictions in every possible way. Here’s how to flash Xiaomi without unlocking the bootloader.

Why the PC does not see the smartphone

If when trying to connect your Xiaomi phone Mi Flash Pro program writes an error, then it is worth to understand all the main reasons for its occurrence. In this article we will find the problem and connect the phone to your computer.